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Shadow Music Ryan Harding Review by
Ryan Harding

Just when I thought I couldn't despise this band more.

After an abortion like WOLVERINE BLUES I didn't think I'd ever buy any of their shit again. But this live album was recorded on the Godz of Grind tour, when ENTOMBED was still a good band, so I figured I'd give it a chance.

It is mainly a money scheme by Earache, who strangely relinquished ENTOMBED as they were beginning to fit the weakening Earache mold. With the once important Swedes living out a rock star farce, Earache would love to cash in. So blame them for this waste.

The setlist and sound quality are very satisfying, with tracks like "Drowned," "But Life Goes On," and "Sinners Bleed." Nothing trendy. But the band performs like they've never played a concert before. Cedurlund and Hellid fuck up every single song, except when only one is audible because the other's guitar keeps fading out. The biggest problem by far, though, is Petrov. His vocals are horrible, so weak and unconvincing you wonder if he has asthma. You get the feeling the band didn't care at all about the performance, and it shows through and through.

Why 2 skulls?

Nick holds it together on drums, and even with the bad musicianship, the songs were once good and thus have their moments (however frequent). But consider CLANDESTINE their farewell album, or if you enjoyed them past that put a bullet in your head.

2 Perplex Skulls

This review copyright 1999 E.C.McMullen Jr.

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