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Shadow Music Ryan Harding Review by
Ryan Harding
Impaled Nazarene
Osmose Productions

Anyone who found disappointment with prior album RAPTURE should be appeased by the latest IMPALED NAZARENE: NIHIL. Some weren't so favorable of the pronounced punk influence in RAPTURE. While I'm not among them (the only IN I never have to hear again is SUOMI FINLAND PERKELE, which really isn't IN - and the band will tell you that themselves), I do like the UGRA KARMA style most, and NIHIL is more in that vein.

Not much has changed, musically or in the attitude, aside from the addition of more solos courtesy of CHILDREN OF BODOM Alexi Laiho. The songwriting is split rather evenly among Laiho, guitarist Jarno Anttila, drummer Reima Kellokoski, and frontman Mika Luttinen, which brings more identity per song than previously. There are the straight forward fast assaults of "Cogito Ergo Sum," "Wrath of the Goat," and "Assault the Weak." "How the Laughter Died" and "Nihil" have a more epic feel, with the former having a brooding feel and the latter slightly more melodic than usual (but typically fast).

"Nihil" means "nothingness," which is the uniting theme of Mika's lyrics. From "Wrath of
the Goat:"

"In these darkened times / Nothing fucking matters /
Why fucking should it? / Shouldn't you fuck off?"

His vocals have remained high-pitched, but are often coherent. The punk is not entirely abandoned; it surfaces on "Zero Tolerance," a great little anthem whose lyrics were not included in the cd sleeve for obvious reasons. "Human Proof" has a main riff reminiscent
of the conclusion of Carpathian Forest's "Lunar Nights;" unintentionally I'm sure, but I
thought it was a welcome addition all the same. One surprise is "Posteclipse Era," with a feel somewhat like KREATOR's "Awakening of the Gods." And in case you had any doubts, there is "Angel Rectums Still Bleed - The Sequel." To be known merely as mock Black Metal, IMPALED NAZARENE definitely has their own thing going, and this is another solid entry to their twisted body or work.


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This review copyright 2000 E.C.McMullen Jr.

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