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Shadow Music Ryan Harding Reviews by
Ryan Harding
Century Media

It's no secret that the guys behind Century Media probably despise the style of Death Metal KRISIUN plays. Similarly they weren't adamant about CRYPTOPSY. You'll find these bands in stores only because there's a great word-of-mouth surrounding them that CM wants to captilize on. Anyone concerned that CM may have strongly recommended that KRISIUN alter their style need no longer worry. CONQUERORS OF ARMAGEDDON features some of the fastest Krisiun songs yet, showing that there's still new areas of holocaust speed left to explore. The production is also their most user friendly, thanks to HATE
ETERNAL mastermind Erik Rutan.

KRISIUN opens the new decade establishing high standards in Death Metal, and their competition is going to have to step up their aggression or fade into obscurity. The Brazilian brothers gives us what we expect in the first three tracks - "Ravager," "AbyssalGates," and "Soul Devourer." Blast tempos, technical low end riffs, and showy leads. Suddenly "Messiah's Abomination" arrives and met expectations are soon surpassed. I can't say they pull out all stops because we're talking about KRISIUN here, but there's an undeniable increase in the speed. Max's blasts become quicker, tighter. Alex delivers more lyrics, in less time. "Cursed Scrolls" follows with a heavy build-up before Moyses segues into a few hammer-on notes to designate the speed reprisal.

Sometimes I wonder why title tracks don't get much distinction. Usually they sound as good as the other tracks, though not really better. This time it's immediately apparent why the title track deserves its status. "Conquerors of Amrageddon" is probably KRISIUN's longest song yet, at over six minutes. Don't expect a departure from the familiar KRISIUN approach; in fact one of the riffs nods back to "Aborticide" on APOCALYPTIC REVELATION. And speaking of riffs, "Conquerors" has their best yet - the standout where the vocals begin. Max rides a stop-and-go blast pattern through the verses, rolling all over the set with his penchant for dazzling fills. Expect more heightened intensity at the end on "Endless Madness Descends" as well. Moyses' solos seem more controlled, especially compared to BLACK FORCE DOMAIN, but still recognizably his. KRISIUN shows why they're among the elite, delivering over forty minutes of relentless death, a definite favorite for 2000.

5 Perplex Skulls

Perplex SkullPerplex SkullPerplex SkullPerplex SkullPerplex Skull

This review copyright 2000 E.C.McMullen Jr.

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