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Not seen very often - grindcore from Sweden. If there's more like this, let's hope more labels will sign them and expose them. Two man band NASUM offers thirty-eight tracks in about as many minutes, roaring and blasting their way from start to finish with guitars adorned with the thick Swedish sound, a hint of melody now and again, and one socio-political portrait after another.

Drummer Anders Jakobson delivers the brutal percussion and low vocals with a Barney Greenway influence, while Mieszko Talarczyk handles guitar, bass, and outstanding high vocals that never lose their impact even after countless listens.

INHALE/EXHALE rarely lets up, the only exception being the title track which is quickly pushed aside for the blasting to begin anew. At this point I'm much more familiar with the first half of the album, but rest assured the quality maintains.

Some of my favorites include "TIME TO ACT!," "THERE'S NO ESCAPE," "DISAPPOINTED," "DIGGING IN," "YOU'RE OBSOLETE," and "FEED THEM, KILL THEM, SKIN THEM." The lyrics can be kind of bleeding heart sometimes, but at least they make some pretty good points. Bottom line is the music anyway, and the music here is an awe-inspiring whirlwind of chaos.

Best grind release of 1998 so far, and it is doubtful anyone will outdo them.

Review copyright 1998 by E.C.McMullen Jr.

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