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Shadow Music Ryan Harding Review by
Ryan Harding
Napalm Records

Who says these guys aren't capable of surprises? I'd argue this album is just that - I wasn't execting something even faster than the penultimate LORDS OF THE NIGHTREALM. Lord Mysterris takes over the drums this time, replacing master blaster Otto Wicklund of IN BATTLE fame. No, Mysterris isn't faster . . . but he's fast enough and the speed sections are less spaced out than ever.

This is the kind of album that won't be very popular with critics who espouse CRADLE OF FILTH (ugh! -feo) and DIMMU BORGIR (hell yeah! -feo) among others, for this is TRUE black metal - the conventions of the genre taken to their furthest extremes. There is nothing weak, gothic, or majestic here, it is all dark and unapologetically evil. It's one of those albums that keeps me firmly supportive of all things fast and relentless. The riff style is most comparable to DARK FUNERAL, with high end double picking which shifts in tones and harmonies, always treading a line between melodic and dissonant.

With a forty minute running time, the seven tracks maintain the SETHERIAL trademark for substantial length. "The Aeschma Deava" is longest, simultaneously possessing some of HELL ETERNAL’s greatest intensity. After the frantic speed rape, "Aeschma" deconstructs itself and quickly rebuilds for a furious conclusion. No track is found wanting for aggression, but "Shadows of the Throne," "Towards Thy Realm," and the title track are notable standouts. Those who weep over albums having no variety for variety's sake will abhor HE, but those who desire pure speed on its own terms must not overlook this raging slab.

Easily makes my top 10 list for 1999.


Perplex SkullPerplex SkullPerplex SkullPerplex SkullPerplex Skull

This review copyright 2000 E.C.McMullen Jr.

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