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Review by
E.C.McMullen Jr.


Boy bands tend to dominate Goth like, well, everything else and rare is the time when you come across a Girl band that doesn't paint themselves up like weeping victims of those mean nasty boys! Well, dispose of that victim stuff now. SINISTER SIRENS labors under no such chains. From their very first song LIES ON LIES to the almost 50's pop of SEX OFFENDER, these gals know what they are about.

Like many "local" produced albums (they are based in Houston), DEMENCE suffers from poor production values. I love a raw sound and this band has it abodanza! At the same time though, the guitars and bass are frequently drowned out and I was left to wonder if the drummer had a bass drum at all (she does). Dammit, I want to hear ALL of the band!

Moving right along . . .

LIES ON LIES slams the silly ass nature of Hate manufacturers with solid rocking riffs and a flute that whistles insanely throughout. You read right, this band has a flute! While some may jump to comparisons with Jethro Tull, SINISTER SIRENS don't fit that niche. This band is creative and original.

In the song STALKER you get the kind of insane intensity and storyline that made Allanis Morrisette's "Oughtta Know" so hilarious. The difference is, SINISTER SIRENS sing it tongue in cheek, going crazily over the top. I mean what guy Wouldn't leave such a nutjob?

One of my favorite songs on here is THE BRIDE. It takes one of those cheap 60's style horror movie plots, starts it off with a voice reminiscent of Tim Curry in LEGENDS, and gives it a twangy, almost Dick Dale mood.

One of the odd things about SINISTER SIRENS is that nowhere in the album do they credit the lyrics or the music to any one band member. Can a band really get along with each other that well?

DEMENCE has 11 songs and not a clunker in the group. This album is a lot of fun and perfect for a horror loving crowd. Check this one out! Only because of poor mixing / mastering do I give it three Perplex Skulls.

Perplex SkullPerplex SkullPerplex Skull

This review copyright 1998 E.C.McMullen Jr.

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